Pottawatomie County

Public Safety Center

Commissary Funds

Once money is placed on an inmate's books it becomes their funds and the provider of said funds no longer has a vested interest in those funds. Provider of funds will not have any discretion in regard to how an inmate spends funds provided.

    Funds for an inmate's trust account may be submitted in one of the following:

  • Walk-in Funds:
    • CASH or CREDIT CARD processed through the kiosk in the main lobby of the facility. There is a fee charged for this service. Note: for cash deposits bring funds in the amount you wish to add as the kiosk does not provide change.
  • Mailed Funds:
    • Must be a money order made out to the inmate.
    • Make money order to: inmate name/PCPSC
    • A full name of person providing the funds is required on the money order.
    • A complete mailing address on the money order is required.

    • 14209 HWY 177
    • SHAWNEE, OK 74804

    • Phone: (405) 273-0043

  • Online Deposits:
    • Funds may be added using a credit card at jailATM.com
    • All funds must be received prior to Monday at 5 pm in order for commissary orders to be processed for that week