Pottawatomie County

Public Safety Center


This is not all encompassing and is subject to change without notice based on facility safety and need. This is in relation to items not applicable to this facility's Consent Decree, and is not intended to indicate or imply that items covered in that decree (i.e. publications, newspapers, etc. sent directly from publishers, distributor of publications, etc.) will be affected. These items will remain governed by facility mail policy, inmate authorized personal property policy, and contraband policy as required & compliant by this Consent Decree.

  • All letters are required to come to the facility via the United States Postal Service. DO NOT attempt to drop off letters. No walk-in or hand-delivered notes or letters will be accepted.
  • Inmates may receive unlimited letters for which postage is paid and provided by the sender. We will not accept COD or Postage Due items.
  • Personal books via personal (non-publisher) mailings are not accepted. Donations of books may be made to the facility library through the Library Committee through the Shawnee Public Library. Personal reading materials are subject to inmate authorized personal property and contraband policies.
  • Items mailed from publishers, as defined in this facility's Consent Decree, will be subject to processing as per this decree, mail policy, contraband policy and inmate authorized personal property policy.
  • NO stamps, NO blank envelopes, NO extra sheets of paper. These items may be purchased via the inmate commissary system. Inmates without funds will continue to have an indigent mailing system.
  • NO: Copied likenesses, unauthorized reading materials, puzzles of any type, altered forms of reading materials such as ripped and torn pages from books and magazines, etc.
  • NO mailing or postcards or permitted item that has been altered from their original form, such as adding layering, backing, laminate, buttons, stickers, foil or other items.
  • NO Cards that are not plain. Plain means they open and close without embellishments, removable parts, attachments, extra folds or pockets, not musical, not oversized.
  • NO items with perceived biohazard, i.e. lipstick, gloss, scents, residue, etc.
  • NO inappropriate/explicit material
  • Sender's full legal name (first and last name or Business name) and complete address must be on all letters, or it may be considered dead mail and disposed of properly.
  • Mail letters to this address:

    14209 HWY 177
    Shawnee, OK 74804

  • We reserve the right to refuse articles of mail not compliant with policy; if the facility deems an item questionable or non-compliant with policy, items will be rejected.
  • Items rejected from a publisher, as defined by this facility's Consent Decree, will be returned to the sender at the sender's expense along with a letter of rejection.